Quality Assurance and Quality Control
The uncompromising quality standards of today’s global marketplace require attention to details and quick response to customer demands.

Quality assurance is an ongoing work at Argus. Our quality control starts from PCB layout through incoming components inspection to final packaging.

Procedure / testing Details
R&D performs all major design in-house. We test every new PCB in our temperature and humidity chamber. The electromagnetic radiation test, electromagnetic interference test. And electric noise test are listed regular tests.


We are constantly focused on customizing system to be OE compatible stylish product by innovative solutions. R & D team has diversified products beyond security to bring a new range of safe and comfort.
about us
Argus Security Corporation has been designing and manufacturing automotive safety electronic products since 1993. Our engineers have strong grounding in design and manufacturing automotive safety electronics. Long term experience working with Toyota Dealers, we have high level expertise in dealers program with stylish OE compatible electronic product for niche market.

We offer the customer an integrated service beginning with R& D, and ending with delivery of the finished product. At Argus, quality is not a one-time goal but an ongoing commitment.


Argus Alarm Assurance To meet global customers need in innovative automobile electronics. To provide more Can Bus compatible upgrade products to the lineup.